Treatments Offered

The Initial Visit:
The initial visit includes a complete history and a comprehensive examination, which includes physical, orthopedic and chiropractic spinal exams. After the examination, Dr. Bogart will discuss his findings with you as well as a treatment plan, including diagnosis and appropriate timeframe for treatment. This initial appointment generally requires about one hour.

Treatments Offered:
The primary treatment is called the chiropractic adjustment. This adjustment realigns the vertebrae to their normal position to allow the body to return to its normal physiological state.
Dr. Bogart is trained in a variety of gently adjusting techniques which are adapted to meet the specific needs of the patient, such as: Diversified, Activator, Cox Flexion/Distraction for disc herniations, Thompson Drop, Gonstead, and Extremity.

Dr. Bogart offers a complimentary in-office consultation* regarding your specific healthcare needs and the services available.

(*Consultation does not include examination, diagnosis, x-rays, or treatment.)

We will be glad to verify your insurance coverage for you.


We also carry a full line of supplies and supplements to compliment your healing process, such as:

• Cervical support pillows
 Orthopedic support belts
 Lumbar support cushions
 Wrist, ankle, elbow, knee braces/supports
 Ice packs/moist heat packs
 Nutritional supplements


Interferential Therapy is a therapeutic treatment to aid in the reduction of pain and the promotion of soft tissue healing.

Patient benefits:
      Reduces pain
      Decreases local swelling/edema
      Promotes enhanced muscle tone
      Releases endorphins, the body's natural painkiller
      Advances the healing process

Electrical Stimulation Therapy is a special form of electrical current that is administered at or near the site of soft tissue injury, especially muscles, for the reduction of pain.

Patient benefits:
       Reduces pain condition
       Helps decrease swelling/edema
       Promotes general muscle tone
       Advances the healing process

Ultrasound Therapy is a therapeutic treatment using high-frequency sound waves (over a million cycles per second) administered in the region of soft tissue injuries. A gel is used to help conduct these sound waves to the skin.

Patient benefits:
    Stimulates the healing process
    Speeds metabolism and improves blood flow to the tissues
    Reduces nerve root irritation and pain
    Enhances the body's natural healing process

Trigger Point Therapy:

What is a Trigger Point and how does it work? A trigger point is an area of increased muscle metabolism causing nodules of muscle fibers and tenderness which interferes with normal muscle function. This can restrict normal range of motion and may refer pain to other parts of the body. The skin is gently pressed to locate underlying nodules of muscle fibers; the muscle is compressed with sustained pressure to relax it and 'break up' the nodules.

Patient benefits:

       Reduces chronic muscle pain and muscle tightness
       Improves muscle tone
       Promotes better circulation
       Enhances the range of motion and muscle function

Massage Therapy (Mechanical):

A mechanical massage is a technique using a mechanical apparatus to stimulate and relax the soft tissues of the body for pain reduction.

Patient benefits:

       Increases circulation to the soft tissues and muscles
       Increases metabolism to the area
       Promotes the healing process

Cryotherapy is a term that describes the application of ice, ice massage, and ice compresses to the soft tissues to cause a vaso-constriction or reduced blood flow to the area in order to decrease swelling/edema.

Patient benefits:
       Helps reduce swelling and inflammation
       Numbs affected area and reduces pain

Thermal Therapy / Superficial Heat:

Hot packs are used to raise the temperature of soft tissues directly below the surface of the skin which causes a vaso-dilation/increased blood flow to the area.

Patient benefits:
       Helps increase circulation
       Relaxes muscle tension
       Enhances joint function